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Dec 6 2012
15 Years of Building Social Movements. Support Polaris!
Nov 9 2012
Roaring Success of PowerShift! - Polaris at the Permanent People's Tribunal in Mexico - Ottawa Event - Book Launch: The Rise and Fall of the Welfare State
Oct 19 2012
PowerShift - Defend Our Coast - Stand with ACFN: Challenge Shell!
Sept 27 2012
End Big Polluter Handouts! Arrêtons les subventions aux pollueurs
Aug 29 2012
PowerShift 2012 - Polaris attending global civil society gathering in Bangkok - The Next Bottled Water Free Day is March 18th 2013
Jul 11 2012
Polaris Team at the People's Summit in Rio - Launch of Global Campaign on Corporate Power and Impunity in Rio - The Next Bottled Water Free Day is March 18th 2013 - Tony Clarke speaks about Land and Water Grabs - Pipelines Keep on Spilling...
Apr 21 2012
April 22nd Mass Mobilizations in Montreal - Guelph Groups Resist Nestlé Waters Canada - Action - Tell the Museum of Nature to Rethink Partnership with Barrick Gold - Upcoming Mining Conferences - Stay in the know! - News
Mar 22 2012
Action Alert - Urgent Action needed to protect the Human Right to Water and Sanitation!
Mar 8 2012
Back the Tap on Bottled Water Free day! March 15th 2012 - Controversy erupts as U of Alberta Appoints CEO of Nestlé to water committee - Update on KI struggle to protect water resources from God's Lake Resources - Students at Halifax Regional School Board ask Trustees to Ban Bottled Water + Video - Stay in the know! - News
Feb 14 2012
Tony Clarke at the World Social Forum - Back the Tap on Bottled Water Free day! - Action Alert! - Ring up Rick Bartolucci to stop mining on KI lands - Action Alert: Tell the University of Alberta that Nestlé Chair Peter Brabeck-Letmathe doesn't deserve an honorary degree - Stay in the know! - News
Dec 14th 2011
Durban Report Back + New Reports
Dec 6th 2011
Canada to opt-out of Kyoto & Corporations taking over negotiations - Polaris in Durban! - Polaris à Durban!
Nov 18th 2011
Act to Challenge Oil Influence in Canada! - Sortez le pétrole du gouvernement!